Our Vision

We envision a future where happy and healthy children grow up to become healthy and happy adults who benefit Inuvik and society as a whole. The Children First Society’s child development services help children to achieve their greatness!

The Children First Society is thriving, accessible to all families, and operated sustainably.

For more detail, please see Strategic Plan Actions 2019 – 2021.

Organization Chart


The key to a quality early childhood learning environment is staff training and consistency. Our staff includes full-time and part-time individuals who have acquired or are working on specialized training in Early Childhood Education and orientation to the NWT Child Day Care Act. We encourage and support our staff to pursue ongoing professional development opportunities. All staff members are also trained in First Aid and CPR. CFC has an Executive Director, Accountant -Office Administrator, and Facitities Manager that work together to oversee daily operations, Program classrooms are staffed based on the child-to-caregiver ratios as set by the NWT Child Day Care Act. 

Staff work together as a team to ensure the interests and needs of the children and their families are supported. Our staff are trained to deal with any difficulty that may develop during the day. They will help your child explore the world through various activities, and will help your child learn acceptable behavior in an atmosphere of warmth and care.

Current Job Openings

The Preschool Support will assist with the care of children and the safety and cleanliness in the preschool programs. Under the direction of the Executive Director and the Team Leader the position will follow the policies of the board and NWT Day Care Regulations to ensure a quality preschool program.


Working as a dynamic team member your energy and creativity helps you to play and guide the children in a developmentally appropriate program. Your compassion and understanding motivates you to build positive relationships with all the program children and their families. Your sound work ethics encourage you to be consistent and fair in a culturally diverse program. The flexibility you demonstrate is an asset to problem solving and conflict resolution with children and adults. Your dedication to children and their families motivates you to continue on in this demanding yet rewarding position.

JOB POSTING DESCRIPTION preschool pactitioner1

This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in a career working with children and families.

Tasks include:

  1. Assist with the individual needs of the children attending the facility
  2. Assist with a daily program that meets the goals and objectives of the Children First Centre, and the daily program requirements in the Child Day Care Standards Regulations using intentional practice.
  3. Establish routines and procedures consistent with the Children First Centre policies.

JOB POSTING DESCRIPTION preschool developmental assistant

As a Language/Cultural ECD Practitioner you are a seasoned staff person who has worked in a child care centre. You may have a diploma or certification in Early Childhood (or equivalent) as well as a solid understanding of your traditional language and culture.  Your experience in caring for children will allow you to work with the program team to implement intentional practice following the interests and needs of the children to develop an exciting language program.  You enjoy the idea of nurturing young children to grow and develop in a positive way. You are able to implement the new NWT Day Care regulations and requirements and carry out policies and procedures established by the Board to ensure a safe environment for the children.

JOB POSTING DESCRIPTION Language practitioner

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