Children First Centre is open Monday through Friday, from 7:45AM to 5:30PM. Children from 6 months to 12 years old are offered quality care by licensed care staff in accordance with child-to-caregiver ratios for the NWT.

There are a variety of programs at CFC to address any family’s childcare needs, including options for evening and weekend care. Enrollment options and fee structures can be found in the Family Handbook. Please also see our Guiding Principles of Quality Care to learn more about what we offer.

Infant/Toddler Program

For children from 7 months to two years old. Our infant/toddler program offers a safe, cozy atmosphere where little ones can explore, play, and rest as they need. Growing babies and busy toddlers alike are provided with age-appropriate care and activities.

Sample Infant/Toddler Program Calendar

Preschool Program

For children two to five years old. The first five years lay the groundwork for your child’s lifelong learning. At CFC, this means giving your child lots of enriching experiences before kindergarten. Our preschool program is all about using play and new experiences to facilitate learning.

Sample Preschool Program Calendar

School Age Program

For children five to twelve years old. This program offers options for those families who need care that is scheduled around the school day. CFC has your family covered during lunch hour, and before and/or after school, as well as on days the school is closed.

Sample School Age Program Calendar

Community Drop In

For children 6 years and under, and their adults. Between the winter cold and dark, the summer bugs and intense sun, families appreciate having a safe space for their young children to run and play. That’s why every Saturday morning from 11am-12, CFC opens its gymnasium to local families for free! A light snack is also provided. Contact us for more information.

Culture and Play

Play and culture are both important parts of the care at CFC – and often they go hand in hand. Rich learning environments, outdoor adventures, and visits with local Elders are a regular part of our programming. Learn more here.

Nutrition and Safety

Children First offers a rotating menu of fun nutritious comfort foods. Health and safety are included in children’s programming as well as staff training. Learn more here.

Community Outreach program

Children First Society has an active Outreach program that has adapted and expanded during COVID. We have Kids in the kitchen (in the home and inhouse), physical literacy and science literacy programs. Nutrition is a large part of all of our programs, healthy snacks and eating tips are available through out all the activities. All children 0-8 and their families are welcome to participate

in the program. Some activities include older children as well.