Good nutrition is a critical part of children’s wellbeing and development. That’s why CFC provides wholesome, nutritious meals and snacks. Weekly menus are posted on the information boards in each room, and arrangements can be made to accommodate special dietary needs or allergies.  Below is an example of some of the healthy and delicious foods your child can enjoy during their time at CFC. A sample menu is below:


Play is the most important element in our programs. Through play, children learn what no one can teach them. They are able to develop skills such as independence, resourcefulness, curiosity, creativity and responsibility. Play is a child’s work!

CFC offers a mix of structured activities and free play time, so that the children can choose their own activities according to their interests. With staff supporting their learning in a developmentally appropriate way, children are encouraged to reach their cognitive potential and develop their greatness.  Our centre provides age-appropriate areas for the development of fine- and gross-motor skills, from gym time and outdoor play, to arts and crafts, dramatic play, science and nature discovery, sensory exploration and more. Field trips and community visitors are a regular part of our programs, and are met with excitement by everyone involved.


Inuvik is rich in cultural diversity and experience, and CFC draws on local resources to make culture part of their learning experience. Both Gwich’in and Inuvialuit traditions (among others) are brought into the classroom, with our word of the week and language activities, traditional food preparation, outings to bush camps, visits with our Elders, and more.

Health and Safety

The children take part in many health-related activities at CFC, from everyday hand-washing and dental hygiene, to health promotion and screening programs offered through partnerships with regional health professionals.

Our team is trained to deal with any difficulty that may develop during the day, and strives to provide a secure environment for the children enrolled.  In order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of each child, the Children First Centre follows the legislated standards for minimum staff to child ratios and maximum group sizes in the NWT, and strives for higher standards to have more adults supervising children. All staff members are also trained in First Aid and CPR.  Fire drills occur on a monthly basis, and children are oriented to the procedure within their first week of attending our program as to ensure their safe retreat.